Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jackson Family Feuding??

Janet Jackson was accused of slapping Paris Jackson the late daughter of the talented great late Michael Jackson. Apparently Janet went to the Calabasas house on Monday to check on Micheal's 3 children Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II as it was claimed Katherine Jackson was missing. Janet then exchanged words with Paris. Janet tried to confiscate all the children 's phones as Paris was tweeting some family business. So now TJ Jackson Tito's son has got temporary custody of the children. Tensions in the Jackson family have been brewing for a while as some of the family members were not included. Randy Jackson took to TV to dismiss the rift. But he also mentioned he believed the will is fake. All we can say is really. Poor Prince, Paris and Blanket. Money really is the root of all evil. And do you think TJ really wants to look after those children or he wants money??? Comment below

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