Thursday, 5 July 2012

Frank ocean out of the closet...hmmm where do I start

To be honest my first thought was oh good for him for telling the whole entire world.about his.sexuality. Then I heard he was going to release an album next week and I also thought oh that's convenient you know coming album and coming out of the closet. But then again my thoughts started to wonder what has his coming out have to do with the world as celebrities I feel that they need to learn privacy what has he now got left now we know his talent and what he does after studio time. To be quiet Frank I feel like the whole coming out was a stunt for his album and to think of it the amount of lesbian actresses who are out but they never feel the need to explain themselves eg. Queen Latifah and Raven. I know people say its difficult coming out but I think not.this is.the 21st century soooo the point is... I don't see the point in what he did maybe I might be among the few he is talented he does not need this he could have told his close family not the world. Ricky Martin came out and people made a big hu ha about it and went the next.story. anyway I wish him well and that is all I have today!

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