About us! All you need to know!

Go gossip is her to entertain and inform you on a number of issues, we love to have fun and I hope you do too ocassionally we do discuss some serious issues.

As well as being opinionated ladies we do love helping charities and we do our bit. Both my co blogger and I have volunteered and worked for various charities, these include Good Samaritains, Action Aid, Battersea for Dogs and WWF. So causually we will discuss and write articles about certain issues we feel need to be adressed. We are also very passionate about Politics and the Environment as well.


We love beauty, fashion and goss. So casually we will write articles about new fashion products, new trends or fashion tips. Keep an eye out for Fashion and beauty tips. We will also tell you what not to wear. We will also visit some restaurants and hotels and write reviews.We are here to entertain and we are very opinionated so do not get offended.

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