Thursday, 5 July 2012

Willow sings I am me

This young lady has got undeniable talent. At only 11 the girl can sing better than Britney Spears, Ciara and Jennifer Lopez. Yet something's seems a little bit off. Is it because she is only 11 and wearing her 43 year old fathers shirt in her new music video I am me???? When I was 11 I was thinking about dolls not about singing a song about how my parents let me wear clothes that are not fit for an 11 year or let me dye my hair. I am sorry but where the hell are her parents Jada or Will?????. Whats goin on here. Willow deserves to have her childhood that is why people thought Michael Jackson or maybe it's just that at 11 she gets to make her own decisions.she has like 4 ear piercing in one ear what is the world coming to???? Next thing you know an 11 year old will be running for president or prime minster since Barack Obama takes advice from his 14 year old Malia and 11 year old Sasha wtf????
Jada Pinkett Smith we know you think its cool to let your daughter make big decisions on her own but its not right....

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