Monday, 29 April 2013

NEW MUST HEAR: Iggy Azalea new single Bounce!!!

I Love this single thats my new fave Iggy song. I takes me right to the club, summer banger.What do you think comment below?

I Hit it first video has been released and has Kim K lookalike, shame on you Ray J!!

Really Ray J do you think we are all stupid. How can you deny this is about Kim K. But other than that the song is quite catchy. What yal think?

Sean Kingston video for Beat it featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa RELEASED!!

Hey I like this tune!!! Defo good song for the summer. What do you think comment below:

Monday, 22 April 2013

PSY's new single has over 200 million views only a week after its release!

PSY is defo is force not to reckoned with a week after releasing his new single Gentleman it has already reached 200 000 000 views on youtube. I am guessing this going to be another club banger your thoughts?  And its funny too.


Justin Bieber and Selena back together!

Just when you thought the whole Jelena saga was done JB posts a pic of Selena and then deletes and in the pic they were looking pretty cosy,your thought?

Vampire Diaries' spin off The Originals trailer released!

Just when you thought TVD, was coming to end the spin off will be starting soon so dry them eyes and it looks pretty good to have a look below:

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split?

According to TMZ and many newspapers in the UK. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have split and been living apart for sometime. This is sad but I guess if they are not happy together they should part ways.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Will be watching : What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

Will you be tuning in? I will Ryan is dumber than a rock  and good to look at so I will defo be watching.

Did you know Kandi Burruss wrote and produced some of your favourite songs?

 Kandi Burruss wrote the following and produced some of these following hits:

No Scrubs - TLC
Bills Bills Bills- Destiny's Child
There you Go - Pink
It makes me ill- N’SYNC
Jane Doe -  Alicia Keys
Tell me no - Whitney Houston
Solo Star - Solange
Good Guy - Boyz II Men
How you gonna tell me - Mya
X Girlfriend - Mariah Carey
Best Man - Faith Evans
4,5,6 – Sole
Pop Ya Collar - Ushers

List courtesy of Madame Noire

Monday, 8 April 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part 1 review!

Did you watch part 1 of the RHOA ? It was the Phaedra show cause girl put Kenya Moore into her place. Even Porsha tried her piece but couldn't articulate it well enough but she stood her ground. Nene was over there laughing. Cynthia was look stunning but a more bore.Kandi was looking stunning too. If you have what were you thoughts?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame thinks Miley Cyrus is sexy?

Liam you better look away now.Waka Flocka recently spoke about how he has a massive crush on the lil startlet Miley Cyrus.

The rappers thinks the former Disney actress “f**king sexy” and he “likes her haircut!”

This is what he had to say:

“I’m not going to lie, I bummed a guest seat from Russell Simmons to go to her party,” Waka told XXL. “I got like a real slick crush on her. I went to the party, she didn’t even know it. I walked right by here, she didn’t even know it. As soon as she walked in the door I walked right f**king by her, she didn’t even know. I didn’t say s**t. I haven’t met her in real life. I will introduce myself. I want to get a record with her. I got a sick, sick, sick record. Let me see if I got it. I got something I’d like to write for her, give her a feel for it just to write. [Plays song] I already got my verse for it, I created the song, it’s called “Shots.” I got to pitch it, damn she might want to do it for her album! That’d be awesome. I’m going to do a record with her guaranteed. We’re gonna take steps.”

How sweet and cute is that. He also recently spoke about her twerking vid.

“Man, that sh*t is so sexy,” said the rapper. “It’s like, it’s not slutty, it’s not raunchy. Her body is fully covered, that’s what made it so sexy. Like what the f**k is behind the bunny suit? [Interviewer clarifies that Miley said it’s a unicorn suit] Unicorn suit! What the f**k is behind the unicorn suit? You know what I’m saying? It’s just cute.”

Doesn't he sound like a man in love, he was the told about Miley's engement. This is what he had to say:

“Oh. Man. I didn’t even know that.”

Awww Waka Flocka I will wear unicorn suit for yah. By the way I love love Waka thats my future baby daddy haha.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Popular latina rapper pictured kissing another man?

Daddy Yankee gay: An alleged picture of him kissing a man?

Hollywoodlife reports:

With rumors of Daddy Yankee’s sexual orientation building up online, and after multiple Spanish-language websites published stories claiming that the rapper had officially come out as homosexual, his publicist released a statement denying all claims.

“Online blogs and social media are once again to blame for the spread of false news reports, which other media outlets have also shared regarding a public figure,” said Mayna Nevarez, president of public relations firm Nevarez Communications. Mayna continues, saying that one unreliable website’s report gained steam through social media, but not on merit: “The reports circulating regarding Daddy Yankee’s declaration of homosexuality was falsely written by an online outlet known for fabricating false information and spreading it through social media sites.”

The rumors around Daddy Yankee really took off on Apr. 3 when several Spanish-speaking websites posted stories with a picture of a man who looked like the rapper, kissing another man. The stories claimed that the rapper had released a statement officially coming out. However, fans remained skeptical and many pointed out that there were minor physical differences between Daddy Yankee and the man in the picture.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 coming soon

OMG all the drama I can't wait. Rasheeda pregnant? Mimi finally over Stebbie J and not telling him where she lives? Oooo Juicy

Zayn Malik to quit One Direction to pursue dream to become a boxer?

So it appears the bad boy of one D would like to become a boxer after the bad is done. 

This is what he had to say:

“I did boxing from when I was 15 to 17,” he added, “I love it and I’ve started training again now on the side, even though we don’t get much time off for exercise. I’m trying to eat healthier so I can bulk up. I’d love to pursue it properly one day. 

What are your thoughts comment below ?

Snoop Lion and Miley Cyrus debut New song Ashtrays and Heartbreaks!!

A lot of people have had a lot to say about this new joing to be fair I like it and I am loving the new Miley. I guess its not the new Miley its just her growing up. I likey!!!! The track is set to feature on Snoop's upcoming album Reincarnated. Here is what some of the fans had to say:

Jaime ‏@jaimedanika mused: “Is this Miley Cyrus an snoop dogg song a joke? #noreally #theycantbeserious.”

@princess0220141 said: “#AshtraysAndHeartbreaks @SnoopDogg @MileyCyrus Amazingsong I Love it.” Also a fan of the track is @charlotte_geier, who wrote: “Really jammin to #AshtraysAndHeartbreaks by @SnoopDogg ft. @MileyCyrus sucha massive tune?”

However, @aaliahisaacs believes Snoop has lowered his standards working with former Disney star Miley, writing: “So, Snoop Dogg, sorry, 'Snoop Lion' has made a song with Miley Cyrus. I think he’s hit a low in he’s life crisis. #JustSaying.

Anyway listen for yourself and tell us what you think!

Jada Pinkett Smith opens up about her open relationship with Will Smith

Oh wow, its kind of the worst kept secret.