Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Don't Eat at San Miguel in Edgware Road

So I went to San Miguel in Edgware Road with a couple of friends the experience was a terrible one. So when we arrived we were made to feel welcome menu's were handed to us. We were excited having looked at the menu so we decided to order. Before we received the food a basket of bread was put on our table, we were like ooh thats a nice gesture. The food then came it ok nothing special you could probably go to waitrose and buy frozen food which tasted just like it. We were really hungry so we just carried on eating.The paella came 40mins after we had finished the tapas. Whilst we know paella takes long we do know food doesn't cook it as self. The reason we say this is the chef was busy watching the TV in restaurant rather than cooking the food.The wine(House Red) that the waiter suggested was absoultely relvoting. Paella was delicous though!!Finally the bill was presented they were two charges I couldn't understand. So I asked, I was then told one of the charges was for the bread and butter which we did not ask for. The next charge was the service charge I understand in London some business automatically add it on to the bill as compulsory. But in this case they didnt even think to say it was compulsory.I felt that they deceive their customers by not informing them about these to charges. I would have given them a large some of tips. But having deceived us they didn't deserve it. DON'T EAT AT SAN MIGUEL EDGWARE ROAD.I also jus realised that my bill is incorrect. As a hospitality professional I find it appalling

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