Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Britney Spears being Bitchy???

So lets get this out the way does anyone else find it a little weird that a lady that made a career out of lip synching is judging the vocals of others?Anyway before the US X Factor has even started we have been hearing that she is being tough on the contestants and she has walked off on several contestants peerformances we are liking this new Britney Spears. Even though Britney Spears can't sing at least she can fake it and she is a pro at lipscyncing and she can entertain. Can't wait for US X Factor to start having had Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger who are both 'nice' or fake. This will be different and we likeeeeeeeeey. Apparently Britney Spears has been saying stuff like: "You can't destroy that song, sweetie." "oh-no-she-didn't" gems include "Bad to the bone," along with the Simon-inspired "Very predictable" and "You definitely don't have the X Factor." Breath of Fresh air. Dont you think???

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