Thursday, 9 August 2012

China planning to dominate the olympic games

Having watched quite a few games I have realised that China mean business when it comes to dominating the Olympics. When they took on the Beijing 2008 Olympics I don't think people really thought they would be dominating the medal count in the 2012 Olympics. Their long term goal was to build from Beijing and dominate the games.
"The intention of the Chinese is to win every medal, every single medal," said Jeff Ruffolo. He is an American who has worked for the Chinese government. He has also helped plan several sports competitions including the 2008 Olympics.
Ruffolo went on to say "Watch what happens in Rio," referring to the 2016 Games in Brazil. He went on further to say "Watch what happens in 2020. The Chinese want to prove to the world that their system is the best system."

Well China are just behind the US in the Olympic medal count. Way to China its good to see other countries challenging for medals other than the same old teams. Ur thoughts????

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