Friday, 13 July 2012

New Talent to watch out for!!!!!

One new hotband which is IM5 this was put togther by Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton. Watch out One direction and Justin Beiber these buys are really could and will win over the hearts of young girls around the world. I am really excited about them.IM5 consists of Cole,Gabe ,Will ,Dana and Dalton from left to right.
Lawson, once known as The Grove, are a British pop-rock band signed to Polydor Records. The band consists of Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher, originally from Liverpool, Brighton, Nottingham and Chesterfield. Watch out JLS and The Wanted. This band is the next big thing. And they are very hot too!!!!

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amani islam said...

Lawson is awesome- I so agree!I LOVE their music!! :)