Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jackson Family Feuding??

Janet Jackson was accused of slapping Paris Jackson the late daughter of the talented great late Michael Jackson. Apparently Janet went to the Calabasas house on Monday to check on Micheal's 3 children Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II as it was claimed Katherine Jackson was missing. Janet then exchanged words with Paris. Janet tried to confiscate all the children 's phones as Paris was tweeting some family business. So now TJ Jackson Tito's son has got temporary custody of the children. Tensions in the Jackson family have been brewing for a while as some of the family members were not included. Randy Jackson took to TV to dismiss the rift. But he also mentioned he believed the will is fake. All we can say is really. Poor Prince, Paris and Blanket. Money really is the root of all evil. And do you think TJ really wants to look after those children or he wants money??? Comment below

Chris Brown in New BBoy movie

Battle of the year which is expected to be released next year features are all star cast of: Josh Holloway (Lost), Chris Brown (Takers), Laz Alonso (Jumping the Broom, Avatar) and Josh Peck (The Wackness).

We are looking forward to it are you?

Don't Eat at San Miguel in Edgware Road

So I went to San Miguel in Edgware Road with a couple of friends the experience was a terrible one. So when we arrived we were made to feel welcome menu's were handed to us. We were excited having looked at the menu so we decided to order. Before we received the food a basket of bread was put on our table, we were like ooh thats a nice gesture. The food then came it ok nothing special you could probably go to waitrose and buy frozen food which tasted just like it. We were really hungry so we just carried on eating.The paella came 40mins after we had finished the tapas. Whilst we know paella takes long we do know food doesn't cook it as self. The reason we say this is the chef was busy watching the TV in restaurant rather than cooking the food.The wine(House Red) that the waiter suggested was absoultely relvoting. Paella was delicous though!!Finally the bill was presented they were two charges I couldn't understand. So I asked, I was then told one of the charges was for the bread and butter which we did not ask for. The next charge was the service charge I understand in London some business automatically add it on to the bill as compulsory. But in this case they didnt even think to say it was compulsory.I felt that they deceive their customers by not informing them about these to charges. I would have given them a large some of tips. But having deceived us they didn't deserve it. DON'T EAT AT SAN MIGUEL EDGWARE ROAD.I also jus realised that my bill is incorrect. As a hospitality professional I find it appalling

Monday, 23 July 2012

Mariah Carey becomes American Idol Judge

So ladies and gents it's official Mariah Carey will be replacing Jennifer Lopez on American Idol as the new judge. We are supa dupa excited I guess everyone has a price. Her husband had said Amerivan Idol can't afford Mariah Carey lol the power of money. Mariah also tweeted about how excited she is. At least now we are actually going to see a judge who can actually sing woop woop no offence JLo I still hott. Are you all excited as us or not???

Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

So the New season of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model started recently. Does anyone else find it boring? They have pretty girls there but Elle Macpherson is not as good a host as Tyra. The episode I watched last week nearly put me to sleep. You would think Britain being one of the fashion capitals would have so much more to offer. America’s Next Top model is waaaaaaaay better. Like many of you I will be tuning in to see if this week’s episode is any better than last week's!! Your thoughts!!! check out the last 13.

Rihanna and Chris Brown back together???

They have been many rumours online about a breakup between Chris Brown and Karrueche. Rumours have also been surfacing about a relationship between former lovers Chris Brown and Rihanna. Yesterday Breezy tweeted about how he landed on a boat in France. This led many bloggers as well as celeb news websites to speculate that he was aboard the same yacht as his ex. A pic also surfaced online in which Chris Brown was posing with Magic Johnson. Who posed in pic with Bajan beauty too. This got twitter buzzing with the whole Chrianna are back together. Unfortunately this doesn't look like it anymore as the Turn up the music singer went to France with his lover Karrueche. Whom he was claimed to have dumped after she contacted Drake behind his back(still to be confirmed). Any guess who Chris Brown was seen with in France. His girl Karrueche check out the pic.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tweet pics of Iggy Azalea and Chris Brown!!

Just thought I would share this pic that Iggy posted on her twitter the girl is Stunning. And talented!!!!

Then we have a pic of Chris Brown and Momma Breezy. How cute is that???


When I first saw this I was like what the?? Then I was like I think I agree the girl cant really sing maybe she can go be a back up dancer for Rihanna or Adele. So C error girl you are pretty maybe u can go be a model or porn star whatever you like we wont judge ;).
Below are some of the reasons why people have signed this petition:
Beyonce Knowles about 20 hours ago 1 person likes this reason HA! That hoe thought she was coming for my wig back in 2005, BITCH. The only reason why that sneaky hoe became famous was because she did every guy in the industry. Well, Good bye honey. And Rihanna , im doing your PUSSY a favor, Because we all know this if this bitch was coming back, It would prevent you from buying those Dildo's from the sex shop. Ci would have just Bumped you off that TOP 10 spot, specially now, since Adele's Fat Ass doesn't even let anyone chart inside the top spot. Just consider this ass a little gift Rih. Anyway, Bye Ci, Have fun with Cassie!Blue IV 1 day ago 1 person likes this reason I'm more relevant than her. ki Vahe Arevshatian 1 day ago 1 person likes this reason Ciara? I don't know her. 
 Frankie Banuelos 1 day ago 1 person likes this reason Cause Ciara needs to stop making music. I hate this punk ass bitch
Keri Hilson 1 day ago 1 person likes this reason KiiiiiiiiT! DRAG HA!!!
 Rihanna Fenty 2 days ago 1 person likes this reason Yes, it'z abut Tyme dat we ship dis beetch bak to Atlanta. #MAJAH #CLAPBACK #RIHAANNA #HEIARA

I am so tempted to sign this petition. Or maybe she can team up with fellow flops Christina Milian and Cassie to form a modern day destiny's child seriously Ur thoughts???Check it out if you don't believe me yal!! on 2012 STOP CIARA FROM MAKING MUSIC CAMPAIGN???

Stevie J..."I was looking for you"- song

This video is hilarious although we go gossip members don't watch this abomination of a Tv show but because of twitter we feel like we know everything so this is the music video spoof by dormtainment tv...the youtube funny guys. I rate this highly this is so funny although I think LHHATL is truly and deeply an embarrassment for VH1 they have stooped so low. Anyway enjoy.

Jennifer Williams has finally dropped the bitch slap charges

The long battle between Jennifer "i ain't from the block" Williams and her co-stars including Nia Crooks who slapped Jennifer in last season BBW, is finally over wooray. Jennifer has decided to drop the charges against Nia claiming that it was because she is going through a difficult divorce from Eric (the man who threw water in Jen's face) in the previous previous season. Anyway we all hope Miss Williams stays strong in these difficult times and good on her for dropping the charges as it would have made Nia Crooks look relevant!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Baby Blue grown guess who she looks like Jay Z or Beyonce???

A pic of baby blue has made its way online. Check It out!!!Doesn't she look like Jay Z but the cuter version??? We don't say this often but doesn't Beyonce look good natural with the braids n all??Ur thoughts???

Nelson Mandela turns 94!!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential people in the world Former South African president Nelson Mandela. He spent his 94th birthday with his family and friends in his home at Qunu in eastern cape. A few politicians have paid tribute to him these include US president Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, South African president Jacob Zuma and former US president Bill Clinton. July 18 is also known as International Nelson Mandela day, this is supported by the UN. This a day when people around the world are asked to spend 67mins of their time helping others or making a difference in their community. Some people spent their time making sandwiches, cupcakes, or food for the homeless whilst others removed Graffiti some planted trees instead. It's good to see people doing good for the environment and others. Nelson Mandela you are one great man.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Family reunion for Tom Cruise???

Now before you get ahead of yourself. TomKat are not getting back together. Tom flew in from Calafornia to New York to see Suri. This is the first time he has been reunited with his beloved daughter since his divorce from Katie Holmes. Must have been quite an emotional reunion for father and daughter, who have been keeping in touch via phone and video chat in recent weeks.Suri is like a little celeb. Awwwwww. Ur thoughts???

Lady Gaga poses nude for 'Lady Gaga Fame: Black Fluid'

Lady Gaga known for her crazy outfits or in this case no clothes at all, poses nude in her promo pics for her fragrance'Lady Gaga Fame: Black Fluid'.I find it a lil creepy, she has lil men all over her body. Is she trying to say she is God?? Is it another sign that the New world Order taking over? uR thoughts??

Hot New Female MC..check her out!!!!!

Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper and model. She is best known for her sexually-charged buzz single, “PU$$Y”, Iggy officially debuted as an artist with the free online release of her debut mixtape, “Ignorant Art”, in late 2011; however, she had been involved in the hip-hop industry for eight years prior. In 2012 Azalea was featured on the cover of XXL as part of their annual "Top 10 Freshmen list" along with fellow up-and-coming rappers French Montana, MGK, Danny Brown, Hopsin and Roscoe Dash. On 1 March 2012, T.I. announced he signed Azalea to Grand Hustle Records along with rappers Chip also known as Chipmunk and Trae Tha Truth. In June 2012. It was announced later that month that Azalea had also signed with Wilhelmina Models International Inc. This is a prominent model and celebrity agency in the fashion industry. Celebs such as Fergie, Estelle and Natasha Bedingfield are signed to it or have been signed to it. Azalea released another track from her upcoming EP, Glory, titled "Million Dollar Misfits" and featuring Grand Hustle label mates T.I. and B.o.B, on 24 June 2012.Funny how people always bring race to it. It’s not about race it’s about her talent she is really dope. I hope she gets signed soon to a good label cause when she does she is going to give Nicki Minaj a run for her money. Because she is not only talented she is sexy too. It’s good to see white women breaking into hip hop I am liking this. Aint she cute?? Your thoughts??

X Factor star tries to copy Rihanna's steez ...epic fail???

So everyone been going a lil cray with the blonde hair black roots. Clearly it ain't working for everyone as Alexandra Burke looks awful leave to the style queen Rihanna or Ciara...Her style is also questionable but will talk about that another time.cause girl aint one want to see that. Ur thoughts???

Friday, 13 July 2012

Justin Bieber hit with a lawsuit???

A concert-going mom Stacey Alexandra Wilson Betts is suing Justin Bieber she is claiming "Beliebers" have permanently damaged her ears. So basically Beiber is being sued for being liked really??? The screaming from the "Beliebers"was too much for the woman, who has filed a $9,230,000 lawsuit that claims her hearing was permanently damaged at one of his shows. The lady claims Bieber worked his already fervent "Beliebers" into an ear splitting "frenzy of screams." lol seriously I would love to see the end of this one.Ur thoughts???

New Talent to watch out for!!!!!

One new hotband which is IM5 this was put togther by Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton. Watch out One direction and Justin Beiber these buys are really could and will win over the hearts of young girls around the world. I am really excited about them.IM5 consists of Cole,Gabe ,Will ,Dana and Dalton from left to right.
Lawson, once known as The Grove, are a British pop-rock band signed to Polydor Records. The band consists of Andy Brown, Adam Pitts, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher, originally from Liverpool, Brighton, Nottingham and Chesterfield. Watch out JLS and The Wanted. This band is the next big thing. And they are very hot too!!!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tulisa back to blonde

So Tulisa has gone back to blonde. I have to say we don't like it she looks really chubby in face. We prefer her dark locks. Your thoughts????

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ronaldinho attention seeking?? or just an idiot??

Ronaldinho did the dumbest thing anyone could ever do, Coca-Cola terminated a lucrative sponsorship deal with Ronaldinho after the Brazilian soccer star did the stupidest thing he showed up to press conference drinking a Pepsi. He is either seeking for attention because his career is not what it used to be having won FIFA player of the year 2 years ina row. He know has to resort do doing stupid things like this as well as partying and not showing up to training. I for one used to love Ronaldinho as a child so I am very dissapointed hope he sorts himself out so that he can get back to player we know and love. Too bad that lucrative contract was worth 125 million :'( too bad.

Britney Spears being Bitchy???

So lets get this out the way does anyone else find it a little weird that a lady that made a career out of lip synching is judging the vocals of others?Anyway before the US X Factor has even started we have been hearing that she is being tough on the contestants and she has walked off on several contestants peerformances we are liking this new Britney Spears. Even though Britney Spears can't sing at least she can fake it and she is a pro at lipscyncing and she can entertain. Can't wait for US X Factor to start having had Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger who are both 'nice' or fake. This will be different and we likeeeeeeeeey. Apparently Britney Spears has been saying stuff like: "You can't destroy that song, sweetie." "oh-no-she-didn't" gems include "Bad to the bone," along with the Simon-inspired "Very predictable" and "You definitely don't have the X Factor." Breath of Fresh air. Dont you think???

Justin Bieber or Should we say Thugging Beiber???

So Justin Bieber took some fashion tips from Tupac's style are you feeling it???

Octmom a rapper???

‘Octomom’ Nadya Suleman says goodbye to her porn career and hello to her rap and singing career. According to The Music Network she had two singing lessons and a signing to Global Groove Entertainment. ‘Octomom’ will be teaming up with producers DJ Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo who have worked with artists like Britney Spears, Usher, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.Her first single Get on the Dance Floor is out August 1. Well good luck with that them 8 kids gotta eat somehow init??

Move over Beyonce Jay Z fancies someone else???

According to Essence Magazine Nia Long and Jay Z bumped into each at an event and they paid in each other some flirtatious compliments., This is what she had to say: “I saw him at a party and I complimented him on his long run in music,” Long told Essence magazine. “But he turned it around and asked me: ‘How does it feel to be every boy from the hood’s fantasy girlfriend for 20 years?’ It made me laugh, I hadn’t really thought about it.” Should Bey be worried? Maybe that should wake Bey's boring ass up.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

FORTUNE Debuts at #1 in the UK

I have to say having read FORTUNE reviews, I was so determined to buy it. Even though they were horrible reviews, I am glad I ignored them. Well now it's my turn to review . I have to say whether you love or hate Chris Brown you have to accept that he is exceptionally talented. Forget what CB did 3 years ago or what he does in his personal life. He is truly a talented man who gives his all for his fans and . The album is vintage Chris Brown. FORTUNE is excuse my language effing amazing Iove that he has got some dance tracks, drum and base and R&B . Been listening to it everywhere in the shower, on my way to work, cleaning my house and getting ready for a night out. F**K all the other reviews focusing on his personal life because at the end of the day he is not selling his personal life but his music. Go and buy FORTUNE even if you don't like him as a person it's to amazing not to have. FORTUNE debuted at #1 on the UK charts well done CB and teambreezy

Murray beaten in wimbledon final

This is sad day for us Brits as Andy lost in his first Wimbledon final. I guess we shouldn't be too upset as he played extremely well but was beaten by a better man on the day. Murray can only grow from this experience. Roger Federer got off to a terrible start but lucky for him he was able to win the next 3 sets. Murray is the first Scottish man to get to the finals in the championship and as for the English it has been 76 years since they ever reached and won the final we can only hope next year andy Murray can close the gap for us Brits we can only hoe
!!! Well done to Federer he will now reclaim the world number one position.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Serena Wins her 5th Wimbledon title

Serena Williams congratulations on winning your 5th wimbledon title. 14 grand slams now well done. You played like a champ today won the first set 6-1 lost the 2nd 7-5 and won the final set 6-2. She dominated the first set in under 40 mins play was then stopped due to rain. When they came back on Agnieszka Radwanska played really well and Williams seemed to making many unforced errors as the game went on Serena managed to compose herself and win the game. During her victory speech which would have brought anyone to tears she spoke about her rough her year when she was ill and was knocked out in the 1st round of the French open. Nonetheless Miss Willliams deserved to win she played like a champion and served unbelievably during the tournament. We wish her and Venus Williams all the best in their doubles final later on tonight.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Kris Humphries a gold digger????

So Kris Humphries also known as Kim's ex husband of 72days. Well back to the story Mr Humphries allegedley impregnated his ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj. She was said to have dated the NBA star after he broke up with estranged wife Kim Kardashian late last year. Myla tweeted yesterday: “I can’t wait to have a little boy lol sounds corny but a lil me running around dressed like his daddy? Too cute.” TMZ claim sources close to the brunette say Kris Humphries “knew” Kim had “cheated on him” with current boyfriend Kanye West after he was left off the guestlist for their lavish wedding. They also added that he told her the sex tape that Kim made with ex-boyfriend Ray J that rocketed her to fame was planned by her 'momager ' Kris Humphries. Well we believe Kris Humphries who was going to sue Kim for emotional distress or whatever will not get a dime from Kim. How could he have been emotional distressed when he was sleeping with Myla.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Serena through to Wimbledon Final

Serena Williams one of the most successful female tennis players of all time is through to her seventh wimbledon final after beating Victoria Azarenka. 24 aces from the former Wimbledon champion she also landed 45 winners in a performance that even eclipsed the one she produced to dethrone defending champion Petra Kvitova at the quarter-final stage.If she wins the final on Saturday against Agnieszka Radwanska this will be her 5th Wimbledon title this will equal Venus's record. Today was a thrilling match one can only hope the final on Saturday will be even better.

Willow sings I am me

This young lady has got undeniable talent. At only 11 the girl can sing better than Britney Spears, Ciara and Jennifer Lopez. Yet something's seems a little bit off. Is it because she is only 11 and wearing her 43 year old fathers shirt in her new music video I am me???? When I was 11 I was thinking about dolls not about singing a song about how my parents let me wear clothes that are not fit for an 11 year or let me dye my hair. I am sorry but where the hell are her parents Jada or Will?????. Whats goin on here. Willow deserves to have her childhood that is why people thought Michael Jackson or maybe it's just that at 11 she gets to make her own decisions.she has like 4 ear piercing in one ear what is the world coming to???? Next thing you know an 11 year old will be running for president or prime minster since Barack Obama takes advice from his 14 year old Malia and 11 year old Sasha wtf????
Jada Pinkett Smith we know you think its cool to let your daughter make big decisions on her own but its not right....

Dappy going in New Single....We Like

We are absolutely in love with Dappy's new single Tarzan 2 (I'm Coming). We like that he is going hard and he is brutally honest what a breath of fresh thank you for repping us Brits Dappy we likey. This is our song of the week.......

Fighting Cousins Tulisa vs Dappy????

Tulisa and Dappy cant seem to stop clashing on Twitter. Their latest clash follows the release of Dappy's controversial freestyle track I'm Coming (Tarzan Part 2). Dappy is said to have lashed out at the likes of Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry on the tune, as well as attacking Tulisa's X Factor boss Simon Cowell this is according to The Sun. Below are the tweets that were exchanged betwe
en the two: Tulisa wrote : "Just puttin it out there..dont involve me in dappy's latest hype, I don't condone it in anyway. N its a shame I'm not around 2 control him (sic). "I told u hes a nut,I dealt wid this 4 13 years.I just hope people realise hes simply lost his mind since B's death..that's all,4 his sake." Dappy then responded: "I just wanna say, i will always back ANYTHING u do....Love u T...#BLOODSTHICKERTHANWATER xx" Tulisa wasn't having none of that she then tagged Dappy in her next tweet stating "Stop cussin peeps out 4 ratins! talent speaks 4 itself u little s**t.Wen will u bloody learn! wen we unite Im gettin u back in shape." Dappy wasn't just going take that he then replied: "Now why would u say that,,,i cant believe u T...Why would u say this about my work..Just so u can keep cool with your xf job. Sad really....Guess im on my own again......F**k x factor" She then went on to say: "Ur a talented little f**ker with to many issues!sort it out daps friggin sort it out!!!" Tulisa then decided to delete the tweets. She then went on to say: "not entertaining this bulls**t, goodnight." Fazer their Ndubz band mate also had something to day: "Woah twitters on a neeeexxxx hyyyyyyppe!!! I'm in the middle? Huh?? I'm in the middle of recording my album FULLSTOP!! #FAZERKILLER #thatsit. "@officialtulisa @thedappy back in shape?? 13years???? Lol!! #epicfail duks u need to come hit gym wid me brother!! Lmao!!" He then went on to say: "@officialtulisa wow!! #deep." Could this be a publicity stunt to help her cuz sell records???

Frank ocean out of the closet...hmmm where do I start

To be honest my first thought was oh good for him for telling the whole entire world.about his.sexuality. Then I heard he was going to release an album next week and I also thought oh that's convenient you know coming album and coming out of the closet. But then again my thoughts started to wonder what has his coming out have to do with the world as celebrities I feel that they need to learn privacy what has he now got left now we know his talent and what he does after studio time. To be quiet Frank I feel like the whole coming out was a stunt for his album and to think of it the amount of lesbian actresses who are out but they never feel the need to explain themselves eg. Queen Latifah and Raven. I know people say its difficult coming out but I think not.this is.the 21st century soooo the point is... I don't see the point in what he did maybe I might be among the few he is talented he does not need this he could have told his close family not the world. Ricky Martin came out and people made a big hu ha about it and went the next.story. anyway I wish him well and that is all I have today!