Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fighting Cousins Tulisa vs Dappy????

Tulisa and Dappy cant seem to stop clashing on Twitter. Their latest clash follows the release of Dappy's controversial freestyle track I'm Coming (Tarzan Part 2). Dappy is said to have lashed out at the likes of Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry on the tune, as well as attacking Tulisa's X Factor boss Simon Cowell this is according to The Sun. Below are the tweets that were exchanged betwe
en the two: Tulisa wrote : "Just puttin it out there..dont involve me in dappy's latest hype, I don't condone it in anyway. N its a shame I'm not around 2 control him (sic). "I told u hes a nut,I dealt wid this 4 13 years.I just hope people realise hes simply lost his mind since B's death..that's all,4 his sake." Dappy then responded: "I just wanna say, i will always back ANYTHING u do....Love u T...#BLOODSTHICKERTHANWATER xx" Tulisa wasn't having none of that she then tagged Dappy in her next tweet stating "Stop cussin peeps out 4 ratins! talent speaks 4 itself u little s**t.Wen will u bloody learn! wen we unite Im gettin u back in shape." Dappy wasn't just going take that he then replied: "Now why would u say that,,,i cant believe u T...Why would u say this about my work..Just so u can keep cool with your xf job. Sad really....Guess im on my own again......F**k x factor" She then went on to say: "Ur a talented little f**ker with to many issues!sort it out daps friggin sort it out!!!" Tulisa then decided to delete the tweets. She then went on to say: "not entertaining this bulls**t, goodnight." Fazer their Ndubz band mate also had something to day: "Woah twitters on a neeeexxxx hyyyyyyppe!!! I'm in the middle? Huh?? I'm in the middle of recording my album FULLSTOP!! #FAZERKILLER #thatsit. "@officialtulisa @thedappy back in shape?? 13years???? Lol!! #epicfail duks u need to come hit gym wid me brother!! Lmao!!" He then went on to say: "@officialtulisa wow!! #deep." Could this be a publicity stunt to help her cuz sell records???

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