Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Jessica Simpson's Dad caught with pictures of gay model Bryce Chandler Hill, 21 by his wife Tina!!!

Any chance of Jessica Simpson's parents marriage reconciliation  was destroyed after her mother found pictures of 21-year-old Bryce Chandler Hill and her husband posing in their home. Suspicious about seeing a boy she had never met pictured in various places throughout the Encino mansion, Tina, 52, immediately flew New York City to confront her husband. What a terrible year this is turning out to be for Jessica Simpson 1st she struggles to lose the baby weight, people made fun of her(us included) and then her Dad cheats on her Mum with a strange looking gay man. There isn't anything wrong with being gay. But he didn't have to make his family look like a bunch of idiots. Oh yeah we forgot that he was a pastor in Church once upon a time. The story is becoming more and more phucked up by the day. I would hate to be Jessica or Ashley Simpson right now.

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