Friday, 22 February 2013

What to Watch on Tv!!

Ok do American Idol is back for season 12 go to say this is a must watch Nicki Minaj is not dissapointing. I think I am in love with her now. Mariah not so much who would have thought the diva would be such a bore *yawns*

Real Housewives of Atlanta is good keep watching. Even though Kenya annoys me is entertaining.

Suits, this series is hott. Lawyers have never looked so sexy and cool.

Revenge this program blows my mind. It's good!!!!!! Like really good.

Vampire Diaries I was enjoying it but now it's getting annoying Nina Dobrev's acting is not up to par. Like seriously but I have to admit in last night episode she was better.

Person of Interest is the one. I love love love it.

Necessary Roughness sometimes it's really interesting other times it bleh!

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