Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nicki Minaj to blame for American Idol's Low Ratings?

The ratings for Fox’s America Idol continue to go down, and hatred towards the rapper is getting heated.

There is even a Facebook page called: Ok: Remove Nicki Minaj From American Idol

Here is what some of the viewers had to say or should I say former viewers.

“I can’t watch my favorite show anymore…her arrogance, ignorance, stupid comments that have NOTHING to do with constructive criticism, and the lack of respect the brat displays every week. What a bad choice to replace Jennifer (Lopez),” says Robert Deans .

 Nick Sharp goes in by saying “Nicki’s voice box needs to be removed,”

 Steven Pappas takes it to the extreme by saying: “Sorry, but I just really, REALLY wanna punch her square in the face! I think that would probably make me feel best!”

That post received more than 14 likes.

As seen on AI, Nicki was late for Idol’s first live show last week. Apparently it was just as bad for the auditions read below.

“Nicki has ALWAYS been late. Even back during the audition phases she showed up anywhere from an hour or two past call time, pushing all of the auditions back and angering the other judges,” a source told Radar.

“After the lunch break one day everyone was waiting to audition and the judges all showed up together two and a half hours late and it was because of Nicki. All of the families had to wait outside the holding room, so they didn’t know what was going on that whole time until Nicki and her entourage finally showed up. She never showed up before 11 a.m.”

But on a positive note Nicki has been looking fab on Idol keep it up Mama loving the wig with the black roots.

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