Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Beyonce Album set be scrapped and held off until later this year?

So Beyhive unfortunately rumors have it that your King won't be releasing her album, it is said to be because the first of her album is crap. Even Keyshia Cole had to put her two cents into it. This comes after the King's Super Bowl performance and the announcement of a world tour, a report from MediaTakeOut.com has claimed that the less-than-stellar response to BeyoncĂ©’s two new singles may derail any chance for a new album until fall! Oh no!

MediaTakeOut.com have said the reason for the delay is because  “The TWO songs that were so far released (NUCLEAR w Kelly and Michelle, and BOW DOWN) have been panned as ‘FLOPS’ by music industry insiders.” The report adds, “No one thought that both records would fall flat. They were supposed to be her biggest two songs off the album.”

So I kind of agree with Keyshia and many other females that think Bow Down is not very empowering to women. Like what was Beyotch thinking after releasing who runs the world she release this crap. She doesn't even sing all she does is rap or should I say yell bow down bit***s like seriously. I know she sees herself as queen but Bey you need to calm the hell down. I respect all you have done this I don't approve delay that album and work honey cause you are looking real stupid. But then again I wouldn't mind Bow Down as an intro to the album. Anyway see for yourself below Bow down and tell us what you think:

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