Tuesday, 29 January 2013

One Direction's Zayn Malik cheats on Perrie Edwards again!

Zayn Malik has been caught cheating on his Little Mix girlfriend, Perrie Edwards AGAIN!This time with an Australian waitress who posted pictures of what appears to be Zayn in bed after they alledgely had a passionate evening. Ok first things first you can tell Zayn is a cheat just by looking at him 2nd Perrie used to look so good on the X-Factor now not so much. I don't think Zayn cheated I think this Courtney chick wanted to make some money. My advice for Perrie is to dump him and please start looking your age not like some old person and you too Zayn with you new hairstyle you look like some person who should be out on the street begging for food.... I am done what do yal think?


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