Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Rihanna a nightmare to travel with says Fans!!!

Were you one of those people that was dying to travel with Rihanna round the 777 tour well, we are glad to tell you, you are lucky you were chosen to travel with Rihanna. As the people who are travelling with her have been complaining that they barely see her and she is always late.

A fan interviewed  by the Sun said: 'they told us it was going to be exclusive with not that many people. We were gonna go to sound checks and be in front row'

Whilst another said 'We've spent days waiting for her on the Tarmac to get on planes or waiting in coaches for hours on end.'

Oh God it sounds like a nightmare travelling with Rihanna, but I guess when you have that much money and that much power you don't care about anyone else other than yourself. This is another Diva story and Rih's PR thought if they invited people around Rihanna would be all nice but boy were they wrong. Its doing more damaage than it is good. Good Luck with the rest of your tour Rih all the best. Rihanna no give a phuck lol!!!!!!!!!!!! your thoughts!!!

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