Monday, 17 September 2012

'Innocence of Muslims' the film

So a video called 'Innocence of Muslims' is on youtube . Several people have died because of so called protests which are unjustifiable. The movie is dumb and cheaply made. I like this comment written by one of the youtube users(chrisli323 )

Attention all humans on earth!! This video was made by a small group of people that happen to live in the USA. Why declare so much hatred, violence and threats of death to an entire nation for the ignorance of a few people. We must rise above and evolve as humans and understand that there is always going to be that select few in any nation that will continue to hate, condemn and make fun of the beliefs of others. Don't wish death on a nation of over 7 billion people only because 100 made a movie
Its so stupid that people have been killed over these protests. One thing I think all muslims need to know is in the western world there is something called free censorship and freedom of speech. Which means anyone can say anything that does not threaten people lives and get away with it. The American and British governments have nothing to do with this. Neither does Hollywood. On another note muslims need to stop getting offended so easily christians, jews, gays and other people get discriminated against. Do you see them burning flags and protesting?????Please stop these protests before more and more innocent people are killed over an ignorant person's cheap and terrible video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't even watch the trailer after 2mins it was so bad. If you don't believe me check it out for yourself:(. I bet the man who made this is having a laugh cause now its probably become one of the most talked about and viewed clips ever. See picture of the movie producer below akoula Basseley Nakoula with one of the cast members apparently he is an egyptian fraudster who lives in the US...Ur thoughts?????


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